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Resources that will help you stay connected!

Find your elected officials

Common Cause.org has a great tool that will help you find your Federal & State officials

The Oklahoma state election website tool will allow you to find your polling place and and confirm your voter’s registration

Tulsa County elected officials are listed along with other resources on this site.

Tulsa City elected officials are listed along with other resources on their site.

Law Enforcement for Tulsa.

The Tulsa Police Department (TPD) website

      To read TPD Policies please use this site

      To file a complaint on an officer use this site

      To read the latest 2015 IA report use this link

      To check for warrants use this site


The Tulsa County Sheriff Office (TCSO) website

       To file a complaint on a Deputy use this site

       To read the Inmate handbook use this site

       For David Moss Jail information use this site

Tulsa County BOCC meetings

The BOCC meets every Monday at 9:30am . To read the agenda for the upcoming meeting use this link

Tulsa County Law Libary

Here’s is an inventory breakdown what’s in the Law Library

Tulsa City Charter

You can read the City Charter using this link.

Key Points to remember

Tulsa City Council Meetings

The Tulsa City Council meets every Thursday at 6:00pm. To read more about the meetings use this link